Puffin’s Jade Regent House Rules

The following are the house rules that will be put into effect for the Jade Regent game. In many cases these will be advantageous for your characters.

1. No Weapon Finesse
There is no weapon finesse feat. Treat this as if everyone was given the weapon finesse feat for free. The weapons you can use with this must still abide by the weapon finesse feat.

2. No Point Blank Shot
Point Blank Shot is a very powerful feat, a must have and it outclasses many feats in the same niche, like weapon focus. In all cases where Point Blank Shot is a prerequisite for selecting another feat, substitute Deadly Aim as the prerequisite instead. This builds the archery feat trees off of Deadly Aim instead.

3. Combat Expertise, Deadly Aim, Piranha Strike, and Power Attack
You may choose the amount that you wish when using these feats, up to maximum amount determined by your base attack bonus. Therefore, a character with a base attack bonus of +4 can choose a penalty of -1 or -2 for the corresponding bonus instead of having to choose -2.
Piranha Strike: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/combat-feats/piranha-strike-combat

1. Athletics
Combine the skills of Climb and Swim into one skill: Athletics. The skill is otherwise the same as both Climb and Swim. This is designed to save skill points for the typically low-skill point but highly athletic classes.

2. Knowledge
Characters are not limited to DC 10 or lower information if they do not have ranks in knowledge. I never liked that rule…

1. New Weapon: Sabre
Sabres are weapons ideally suited for use by cavalry. They have a basket hilt, like a rapier, thus they cannot be wielded two handed. You may use Weapon Finesse with these weapons (See above). It otherwise functions as a longsword.
Martial Weapon; One Handed;
Cost 35GP; Dmg small 1d6, medium 1d8; Slashing; Crit 19-20/x2; weight 4 lbs

2. Quarterstaff
This weapon can be used as a finesse weapon.

3. Bill-Hook
This weapon is a simple polearm, a stabbing spike and a hook designed to give light infantry an advantage against heavier armed opponents and cavalry.
Simple Weapon; Two Handed;
Cost 12GP; Dmg small 1d6, medium 1d8; Piercing; Crit x2; weight 7 lbs, Trip

If you have requests for other items, builds, or archetypes from other sources, please let me know what before you select them. :)

Character Building

Point Buy: 25 points

Starting Gold: Max

Traits: Choose 1 from the Jade Regent Player’s Guide and 1 other trait of your choice. Two traits total.

No Summoners or Alchemists, please.
Archetypes available based on request and likelihood of usefulness in campaign. Feats too. If it isn’t in the PRD or on PFSRD.com, then I’ll have to have a copy.

If you write me a decently sized backstory, I will be inclined to add additonal funds or items to your starting equipment, and if you have chosen some character art I will also likely reward you further.

If you can’t tell, I like rewarding PCs. :D


If you want, you may ask to play as one of the NPCs featured in the Player’s Guide instead of a standard PC. You will need to generate new stats for that character, but your role in the party will be determined by that character’s rough design (Example: Ameiko must be a Tian Human Bard).

Puffin's Jade Regent

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