Likability System

Every character has two scores the determine how likable they are. A physical score and mental score. These scores are generated by adding together all the modifiers for the physical ability scores (Str, Dex, and Con) to generate the first score, and the mental scores (Int, Wis, and Cha) for the second score. For example, a character with the ability array of str 14, dex 10, con 13, int 12, wis 15, cha 8 would have a physical score of 3 and a mental score of 2.

A GM can tell you what a character’s scores are, and that helps you determine the next step. Roll 3d6 for each score (physical and mental) and add those to the modifiers the GM told you. That tells you how likable a person is in physical or mental ways. For instance, if you rolled a 12 and a 9 for the above character, you’d have a current physical score of 15 and a mental score of 11.

Next, choose what your character’s favorite physical and mental ability scores are. Ask the GM if the character in question has at least a 13 in that stat. If the character does, they gain a +2 bonus on their check. If you like Str and Cha, then the above character would get a +2 to physical resulting in a 17 phys and 11 ment.

The second to last step is to determine whether or not their is species level compatibility. Creatures in the same type (humanoid for example) gain +0 to their score. Creatures of different types take a -5 penalty to both physical and mental scores, representing the alien natures. Finally, if they are of the same type but different subtype, then they take a -2 penalty to the score. If you feel that your character would be more attracted than or less attracted to something like this, you can double or halve these numbers… Or completely forgo them if you’re up for anything. ;) For instance, the above character is human and you’re playing a dwarf. You’re the same type (humanoid) but the subtype is different (dwarf vs human). The above character takes a -2 penalty to physical and mental due to the distinct physical and cultural differences, putting the character at 15 and 9 respectively.

The final step is to add in modifiers of your choice. This step is completely arbitrary and up to you. Assign one to three traits to a character you’ve rolled for. These traits will either add or subtract 1 or 2 from the total, giving you a final number.

So, there you go! That’s how you determine these scores. Typically, I compare these numbers numbers based on DCs of 5. 0-4 says you pretty much hate them. 5-9 says you dislike them. 10-14 says you’re ambivalent. 15-19 says there is some attraction. 20+ is where you reach the realm of jaws dropping.

These scores don’t necessarily determine romantic attraction either, they’re just a number to help with role playing. It gives you a minimum quantity with which to base your decisions on, and you don’t have to play with it if you don’t want to. If you choose to pursue a relationship with an NPC, however, I will use this system to determine how they’ll interact with your character.

Likability System

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